Keypoint Technologies - Xplore(E) Via Smartphone Keyboards for Contextual & Real-Time Discoveries

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 01 February 2017, 11:19 IST

What’s that one smartphone tool you just can’t do without - Be it to express your thoughts or to simply make the right choices? It is our good old mobile keyboard.

It has been long since any real innovation has made a visible difference to a smartphone user’s experience on the keyboard. With KeyPoint Technologies’ path breaking sentiment detection and language prediction technology, we introduce the industry’s first thinking, in-short; a brainy keyboard – Xploree.

This keyboard responds to users’ purposes, desires, intentions etc., by making their thoughts come alive through cognitive images that hint at solutions. Here, the real opportunity lies in the keyboard’s non-intrusive and real-time user engagement which leaves them pleasantly surprised.  

Scenario 1

Smartphone chat conversation through regular keyboards between two friends – Friend 1 and Friend 2

Friend 1: Hey Whatsup?...

Friend 2: My cousin has delivered a baby.

Friend 1: Congrats! You must be so excited…

Friend 2: Going to see the baby soon. Need to buy a gift…  where to shop?

Friend 1: Try online. Check on Amazon or Firstcry apps. They usually have good stuff.

The follow up action here is that Friend 2 leaves the chat to explore options on Amazon or Firstcry app, assuming this user already has these apps on his phone. Else he downloads the apps, proceeds to search and goes back to his friend to share his choices.

Scenario 2

The same two friends, Friend 1 and Friend 2 chat with Xploree:

Friend 1: Hey Whatsup?...

Friend 2: My cousin has delivered a baby.

Friend 1: Congrats! You must be so excited…

Friend 2: Going to see the baby soon. Need to buy a gift… no idea where to shop

What happens next with Xploree is almost magical… Refer Figure 1

Even before Friend 2 can frame and send a question about where to shop, Xploree’s Presto (icon) is ready with 3 suggestions. Friend 2 goes on to explore these options as shown in figures 2 & 3 by just clicking on the icon, without exiting his current window or needing to download any app and the flow of conversation continues uninterrupted.

Friend 2: Hey! Hold on…

Friend 2: let me check out the options suggested here… Help me decide from these interesting options from FirstCry.

Friend 1: Mother bag could be of great utility and green one looks cute.

Friend 2: Yes. Green one it is. I will buy one right away.

What just happened here?         

• Xploree keyboard understood the user’s need and deciphered it correctly even before the user- Friend 2 in this case, could verbalize his need.

• It connected the user instantly with relevant brands, content, offers and deals, without him/her carrying the specific app.

• The keyboard made its suggestions in a non-intrusive manner through its Intenticons.

•Xploree keyboard’s cross app feature did not require the user to hop across apps.

With this keyboard, the follow-up action was considerably shortened when convenient discoveries were available in the same chat window. With Xploree, the mobile user is brought closer to discovery of relevant options much before any decision on the next course of action is made. The user no longer needs to exit the chat. That is the Xploree advantage!

So, why Xploree?

Immediacy of finding information, relevance of content and ease of making a quick decision are some of the expectations of a smartphone user. KeyPoint Technologies, a global player in innovative language offerings for mobile consumers has cracked it through its innovative keyboard.

It is industry’s first hyper contextual, intent based and real-time mobile discovery app. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), Xploree comes in the form of a smart multi-lingual keyboard. Xploree keyboard supports 29 popular Indic languages with choices spanning 110+ global languages.

The Xploree keyboard with its next-gen language prediction technology is deeply sensitive to human intents and expressions.

Keyboards performing an assortment of tasks like auto corrections, themes, word prediction, multiple languages for chat and emojis are commonplace now. By applying its core skills in linguistics and NLP (Natural Language Processing), KeyPoint has taken a giant leap further by developing Xploree. The company is headquartered in Glassgow, UK with Indian offices in Hyderabad & Bangalore.

From a user’s perspective:

Xploree elevates the ease of smartphone usage for its users and makes it very convenient. Being a cross app platform, this smart keyboard saves them time and effort – every time. Users also do not have to download multiple apps as Xploree’s predictive offerings always find relevance based on their own intent. This way users are saved from unnecessary and irrelevant advertisements.

From a marketer’s perspective: Since the Xploree smart keyboard can predict users’ needs and accordingly offer recommendations; the marketer is assured of reaching out to the right audience in a more purposeful manner.

As the user does not need to skip apps, the marketer gains the audience’s attention instantly and thereby also gets a first mover advantage.

“Since our recommendations are non-intrusive, the consumer is not disturbed by meaningless distraction-causing advertisements. It is a win-win situation for both marketers and the consumers,” adds Sunil Motaparti, CEO, KeyPoint Technologies.

Another example of Xploree’s abilities

Here’s a user who is running low on talk time balance on the smartphone. The user types in the problem. But even before he can send the typed text to share the problem with someone, Xploree has a solution ready for the user. The user can choose to discover and explore thereafter for an enhanced user experience.

This example also magnifies the fact that Xploree gives marketers and brands an exciting opportunity to enter consumer conversations whenever an intent is expressed, that too with zero interference. “Unlike other attention advertisement formats, our format is intent focused. It does away with all the noise of proxy interest. It lets the brands insert themselves into the conversation only when it is relevant and predictively useful for the consumer. This way they can command 100 percent of the consumers’ interest and recall. Thanks to this approach, we are getting to see consistently high engagement metrics for all our partners,” says Sunil.

Going forward, KeyPoint intends to build alliances and brand partnerships with India’s largest community of e-tailers, merchants, agencies and content providers. Presently, the company has partnered with Flipkart, Amazon, Zomato, Shopclues, Coupondunia, FirstCry, Lybrate, Ixigo, Housejoy, DailyMotion, infoplum and
many more.

Also, as a part of their expansion plan, KeyPoint intends to tie up with OEMs, introducing them to the exciting prospect of pre-loading their devices with the responsive keyboard, thus enhancing the overall mobile experience.

The company strives to stay true to its vision - creating delightful experiences through the science of human expressions. Sunil continues, “We believe that human expression is the most beautiful and honest sharing of emotions and self. With keyboard being our primary product, we have always been at the core of it. Our day to day operations, research and product improvisations are mapped towards building the richest medium for enhancing human expressions.”

“We are the first smart keyboard app to capture intent, sentiment and topics of interest when the user is trying to communicate through any app on the device sans any page / app hopping. We do it on the device in real-time and do not send any typed text to our server”, adds Sunil. A key aspect that sets KeyPoint apart from any data driven mobile tech company is their commitment to data privacy. “We follow strict EULA & data privacy policies and do not capture, store or map users’ data. The only data thread that hits our servers is the context and even that dies with the closing of the keyboard session”, explains Sunil.

KeyPoint is leveraging on the fact that its DNA lies in language technology. Even as other developers and operators struggle to gain a toe-hold in non-English speaking markets, KeyPoint’s product supports 29 popular regional languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Tamlish, Hinglish, etc., apart from an already well established global language cover. 

Sunil says, “As we can decipher the context and content of the input language in real time, our offerings, content and services in local native languages comes easy
to us.”

KeyPoint is a company whose genesis lies in the desire of an innovator to help his brother, a victim of a motorcycle accident in which he lost his arm, with typing and keyboard handling. Even though Sanjay himself has since exited the company, KeyPoint carries on with his legacy, under the leadership of Sunil Motaparti, CEO, KeyPoint technologies.

Today, KeyPoint is one of the very few companies focusing on combining linguistics and computing technology for improving text input experience across all types of connected devices. Sometime around 2013-14, an idea sprouted to fulfill the need for transforming a passive input device into an interactive and integrated service solution leading to the birth of Xploree.

 “In the next five years, we foresee the Xploree keyboard becoming ubiquitous with the mobile journey of all device owners,” further adds Sunil.

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