Happiest Minds Technologies: Offering Next-generation RPA Solutions

CIO Vendor With automation becoming an integral component to build effective digital transformation strategies, RPA has emerged as the technology of choice across organizations to streamline business operations and reduce costs. With the shared services and business process outsourcing industry maturing and enterprises demanding increased operational efficiency and higher transactional volumes at lower price points, service providers today are increasingly turning towards RPA to meet the varied requirements of customers.

However, despite its wide-ranging benefits, the implementation of RPA is still hindered by a disjointed approach to its adoption, wherein enterprises struggle with building the right processes, managing employee resistance and onboarding, and dealing with RPA maintenance, infrastructure issues, and business case issues. Perfectly understanding these concerns, Bangalore headquartered Happiest Minds Technologies addresses them with its portfolio of RPA Services to automate repetitive tasks for organizations and improve their business efficiency.

Customers today need a strong technology partner who is not just RPA focused but also has experience around AI, Chatbots, Big Data Analytics, and large integration projects.

Robotic Process Automation as a Service
With an objective to help clients better understand current automation levels and discover more opportunities for reducing operational costs,
Happiest Minds provides Robotic Process Automation as a Service that is designed to integrate RPA with technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and knowledge-based systems and thereby drive enterprise-wide transformation for customers.

Speaking of the company’s positioning in the market, Anand Veeramani, Head of RPA practice at Happiest Minds, says, “Customers today need a strong technology partner who is not just RPA focused but also has experience around AI, Chatbots, Big Data Analytics, and large integration projects. Happiest Minds, being a Born Digital company focused on next-generation technology services, has a good standing in the market with the capabilities and partnerships to work with multiple RPA tools and solutions.” The company’s RPA services portfolio includes IT Process Automation, Business Process Automation, and Proof of Concept solutions.

Improving the approach towards RPA implementation
When it comes to providing RPA solutions, Happiest Minds combines it with other technologies to help clients automate their routine IT tasks, reduce downtime, and improve their incident management processes. To help customers improve their approach towards RPA implementation, the company aids them in selecting the most appropriate RPA operating and governance model, change management plan, and deployment strategies for their organization. The company then assists its clients in assessing and prioritizing automation opportunities and in channeling efforts according to their current automation plan.

Happiest Minds leverages RPA for several use-cases, such as capturing and interpreting of information for processing a transaction and communicating with other digital systems. The company also employs RPA in IoTbased solutions to detect issues in real-time, and for the automation of HR processes and Customer services across large and medium-scale organizations. This includes the automation of resume screening, candidate shortlisting, letter administration, new hire onboarding, training, travel and expense management, and other such tasks. Having carried out several successful RPA implementations over the years, Happiest Minds has carved a niche for itself in this domain. Moving forward, the company intends to create solutions that combine ML with RPA as well as intelligent conversational bots with RPA, in the near future.