Probotiq Solutions: Optimizing Business Processes with Intelligent Automation Solutions

CIO Vendor Robotic Process Automation and Digital Transformation are changing the worldview by providing automation solutions to every industry for optimizing the business processes with more accuracy and less human intervention. Increasing demand to streamline business processes in SMEs with limited human and financial resources is anticipated to increase the adoption of RPA solutions. "The role of Intelligent Automation and RPA in enterprises is becoming prominent owing to its capabilities to learn and think with minimal or no human involvement and perform prescribed functions consistently," says Preetam Gupta, COO & Director, Probotiq Solutions. Several enterprises in India have started pilot based RPA projects but are still trailing in full scale implementation of enterprise level automation which requires proper domain expertise and effective training.

We have spent an enormous amount of time in educating the clients about RPA and the areas of operation where RPA can be implemented to bring in more accuracy

Probotiq Solutions, a Chennai based company provides RPA and Intelligent Automation solutions for feasibility analysis, actual process implementation and re-engineering by using latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition, Chatbot, NLP/NLG along with proper training for employees to increase accuracy and efficiency of processes by digitising and auditing process data. Probotiq Solutions is a subsidiary of PKF S&S led by Santhana

Krishnan, a veteran who had a vision to have an automation focused company with a global reach. PKF S&S is a reputed Chartered Accountancy firm with 4 decades of experience and having multiple enterprise clients across the country.

Demonstration with Proof of Concepts
Probotiq with its vast domain expertise in Internal Auditing, Accounting, and Finance Co-operation offers process standardisation and automation solutions to its clients demonstrated with Proof of Concepts (POC) for successful RPA implementation. “Every enterprise would first like to test the new technology before implementing it. Our team goes to the client’s place to study the clients’ processes and operations where our technology helps bring efficiency, and does a quick POC to demonstrate to the client our domain expertise and technology capabilities. We also have videos of inbuilt POCs to showcase to our clients so that they get better understanding of the technologies,” informs Preetam Gupta, about the company's Proof of Concepts demonstration.

Deployment of Intelligent Bots along with Training
Probotiq does organisation wise feasibility analysis to understand the overall process landscape and identify the potential opportunities where Intelligent Automation solutions can be deployed. Probotiq helps clients in design and building of Centre of Excellence (CoE) that will industrialize the automation process for effective management and efficient execution. “We have spent an enormous amount of time in educating the clients about RPA and the areas of operation where RPA can be implemented to bring in more accuracy with touchless human intervention and 24/7 processing by deploying intelligent bots. We first train the client on how to run the bot and how exception reporting happens. Then we slowly help them build the Centre of Excellence and provide training on various other aspects of operations,” says Preetam.

Probotiq, a company which is in the business of Intelligent Automation of Enterprise Processes has clients across India, Middle East and North America. The company is working on Vendor Invention Management System for larger and intelligent automation solutions involving various advanced technologies like AI, ML and NLP. “There is a misperception about RPA that it would replace all jobs by taking over the entire processes, which is not true. On the contrary, RPA will create exponentially large number of jobs and will help us to reach higher human capabilities,” affirms Preetam.