RPATech : Leveraging A Proprietary Methodology For Rpa Implementation

CIO Vendor The market for RPA is growing at an exponential rate; businesses are trying to improve their work processes and streamline IT without much human effort. The technology has gained prominence for its ability to escalate the workflow to be more efficient. Businesses expect technology to reduce operating cost, increase ROI, and improve scalability and efficiency. Having a good understanding of the business expectations and the market needs, RPATech is positioned in this segment providing pure play RPA. The company has solely focused itself on providing RPA technology to its business clients. The company is fully invested in RPA which derives natural language processing, computer vision among other things. The company takes pride in its positioning and complete knowledge of the domain, talking of which Alok Mani, Founder, and CEO of the company said, “We are very well positioned with the inside-out knowledge of things. Our people are experts of RPA implementations.”

The company has been partners with some of the top firms in Robotic Process Implementation program. It is of the ideology that RPA is not typical software development and implementation. To begin with RPA, companies need to have a different mindset. With the help of an adept team comprising RPA experts and pioneers in this domain, RPATech has been able to deliver a distinguished experience to its business clients. The company has created its unique method which is much focused on the RPA theory. It has also gained credibility to be the only partner of UiPath having a franchise training centre in India.

Proprietary Methodology
The company has developed its own methodology called D3O, where the first D stands for Discover, the second D stands for Design and third for Develop. The last O is for Optimization. The major focus is put on the discovery and optimization part to deliver managed services around RPA and automation. The company has experts who are well versed with Six Sigma and RPA, who help to virtualize the workforce in time efficient manner. The RPATech team is also adept at UiPath, and Automation Anywhere software.


Telling about the RPA implementation experience Alok shares, “In the whole RPA process, Optimization is the unique thing. And our company tries its best to convince the client of its utility.” RPATech’s team follows its own methodology and indigenous software called MotherBot, which is installed in user machines across organizations to observe the work processes. The software uses a machine learning algorithm to be able to figure out the pattern of the particular transaction that is being performed to accomplish the task. Over a period, the bot finds the best way to do a transaction. The MotherBot can create a bot of its own without the help of any developer or business analyst. This bot can create a bot on UiPath or Automation Anywhere Platform.