TAO Automation: Offering End-to-end RPA Solutions and Automation Consulting

CIO Vendor According to a report by P&S Market Research, the global RPA market is expected to reach 8.6 billion USD by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 36.2 per cent. The growth in the RPA adoption can be attributed to its potential to significantly reduce operating costs and increase revenue with maximum productivity by intelligent automation of time consuming and repetitive processes. However, the adoption of RPA is still nascent in India owing to certain implementation challenges like organization restructuring, maintenance of RPA, cost effectiveness, requirement specific customization, seamless integration of interdependent processes, process analysis and regulatory compliance.

TAO Automation, a Bangalore based company addresses these challenges by providing RPA solutions and Automation Consulting across the entire life cycle of an enterprise from assessment to implementation along with building CoEs by doing in-depth assessment of the client’s business operations. The company offers a comprehensive and costeffective automation strategy from basic RPA to advanced cognitive and machine learning solutions to enable swift automation of critical business processes like invoice processing, account reconciliations and hiring and on-boarding in a holistic manner.

“We are India’s first pure-play, independent business process automation consulting and solutions company. Our automation framework consists of specialized calculators, assessment methods, productized solutions and reusable bots to enable seamless automation of the client’s processes in an outcome based approach,” says Arjun Vaznaik, CEO, TAO Automation. “Moreover, these solutions combine RPA platforms, OCR, NLP and Machine Learning techniques to deliver Intelligent Automation,” he adds. “TAO’s consultants bring domain and functional expertise in addition to technology to arrive at the optimal combination of technology capabilities across the spectrum of available tools that will help in creating robust architecture to address the specific automation needs of a business,” says Ravi Hossur, Chief Consulting Officer, TAO Automation.

We are India’s first pure-play, independent business process automation consulting and solutions company.

Hassle Free Account Reconciliation
As account reconciliation process is very time consuming and prone to high error rates leading to compliance risk in the enterprises, TAO Automation with its highly customizable and bot enabled solution AutoRecon enables ease of account reconciliations for companies by reducing the error rates and risks to marginal levels, which improves compliance significantly. AutoRecon can be deployed for intercompany reconciliation, vendor statements and payments reconciliation, bank and customer statement reconciliation and fixed asset records reconciliation; enterprises can start experiencing the real benefits of it within four weeks of full deployment.

Streamlining Hiring and On-boarding Processes
The conventional processes pose challenges to HR teams for candidate hiring and on-boarding process which is a key to inducting new talent into the organisation. TAO Automation empowers the HR team by streamlining and transforming the hiring process with its SCOOPSsolution. TAO’s Screening, Offer and On-boarding Process Solution (SCOOPS) reduces the process cycle time for faster processing and helps to meet compliance requirements by mitigating the risks.

Automating Invoice Processing
Invoice processing, when processed manually, is mostly routine, time consuming and error prone. TAO Automation has designed a customizable and touch-less accounts payable platform, TAO TAPP for automating the invoice processing to increase the efficiency and reduce the overall processing cost. With vast domain expertise in implementing automation solution cutting across several business verticals like Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Retail, Travel and Hospitality the company’s focus is to drive higher levels of productivity for its clientele around the world through cognitive and intelligent automation by leveraging RPA, NLP, ML and AI technologies.