AIT Global: Preparing Businesses for the Next Wave of Industrial Revolution

CIO Vendor According to a report by Deloitte, traditional, heavyweight IT automation solutions are typically deployed and governed by IT. Currently, RPA Proof of Concepts are often initiated and configured by the business, with limited involvement from IT. However, when moving beyond the PoC, the project requires IT knowledge for tasks such as hosting, governance support, security, scalability, and assurance of the RPA solution. Business knowledge is also still required for tasks such as identifying the right processes, modeling these processes, and setting the vision for the technology. This becomes cumbersome as businesses juggle between the two while also fuelling its core competency in the market. What can turn the tables around is an RPA expert who will not just provide a solution to complex problems, but will study the unique processes of client’s business to enable 360 degree digital transformation.

Pinky Mishra, President & CEO of AIT Global explains the customer expectations related to RPA, “RPA solution providers should have the knowhow of making it work in favour of the client and understanding the complete workflow with the requirements and operation of each process block contained in that workflow in such a way that the client knows why and how it is benefiting the whole process workflow completion”. With its registered office in Pune, AIT Global is a global IT service provider that partners with business leaders to develop sophisticated technology-driven solutions that bring an organization’s strategic vision to fruition.

The RPA Team at AIT Global India is greatly focused on understanding the complete requirement and workflow of the process. The team is skilled at comprehending the need for alteration of the flow and creating an alternate workflow. While eliminating the issues in the outcome, this approach taken by the team achieves complete automation. Every member of the RPA Team carries certifications in different RPA technologies like UIPath, Automation Anywhere etc.
As a global IT services organization, AIT Global offers a wide range of services that include Application Engineering (adding up: DevOps and Agile, Mobile Development, Performance Engineering), Data & Analytics, Quality Assurance, Cyber Security, Cloud Enablement, Robotics Process Automation, Digital Content Development, and Managed Services. More so, AIT offers strategic consulting, implementation & monitoring services to help clients deliver migration operations, network security, monitoring & orchestration-based needs across public and private cloud infrastructures. AIT Global India avails its clients with all the services that any IT firm would require. Right from Application Engineering to Digital Content Development, from RPA to Cloud Enablement, and from Managed Services to Providing Support; everything under one umbrella.

Excellence in deliverables and being robust in the process, are the two attributes AIT Global India is primarily known for

Excellence in deliverables and being robust in the process, are the two attributes AIT Global India is primarily known for. “We have proven ourselves in all the fields mentioned earlier with a great team for each stream. Yet, the highlights of our success would be our work in Application Engineering, Quality Assurance, Cloud Enablement, Digital Content Development and RPA. There are some very complex solutions being made and delivered in the said fields by our people”, adds Pinky. Every service put forth by AIT Global is supervised by a set of skilled and dextrous minds working toward the delivery. AIT Global India has been involved in these projects, right from the ideation phase, through the delivery of the product, to being the support partners for the same.

Currently, AIT Global India has entered a client venture with an Automobile domain player for their Digital transformation initiative as their implementation partner for the automation practice leveraging RPA & AI. In the near future, AIT Global India has a keen eye to set sail automating the Health care domain too.