Akeria: Empowering The Small & Medium Hospitality Businesses With AI

CIO Vendor Technology is shapeshifting at a faster pace than ever before, and this is changing both the expectations of patrons as well as the way in which the hospitality industry conducts its business. Throwing light on the positive changes introduced by changing technology, Founder & MD of Akeria, Anand Shaw says, “The rapidly changing technological enhancements hav been challenging in the hospitality Industry that ensure quality and service measures across all aspects”. And rightly so, since technology has evolved from a service compliance platform to a gigantic marketing tool building ‘Brand equity’ to drive loyalty globally, where Artificial Intelligence plays the pivotal role. Based out of Mumbai, Akeria is a new-age technology company with its key expertise around innovation, customizing dynamics in distribution technology and partnering clientele in adaptation around competitive market scenarios of their sustainability; all this leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.

As a young, energetic and fastgrowing AI based organization, Akeria provides complete, integrated and robust Software Solutions, Web Solutions, Data Science Technology and Big Data Analytics services as well as Digital Marketing. Akeria’s offerings enclosing Hospitality Management Service includea Property Management System integrated with a Front-desk, CRS, Rate & Inventory management, Laundry, Housekeeping, Restaurant & Spa Management system, Loyalty programs, Rating & Review management and a premium APP to drive contactless services internally along with Akeria’s Booking Engine widget. The digital marketing team drives all of products such as Apps and ERP solutions to custom websites development and digital marketing.

Akeria ensures that segments or classification in the hospitality Industry engages in custom service measures around their market place in adaptation to technological usage. This custom ensures its partners maximize over their segmented customers and progress consistently with optimum use of technology.

Handholding Clients From Ideation To Execution
Akeria’s HMS product, Yorevere, is the answer to the escalating demand from hotels to have a potent platform that supports all the administration and management needs of the Hospitality Industry under one roof to combat the ever-increasing competition. An end to end hotel management solution, Yorevere is a All-in-one PMS software that helps small & medium sized hotels to compete with star properties and generate higher revenues. As a custombased hotel property management system focused on your management requirements, Yorevere is home to services like PMS, channel management & OTA integration, internet booking engine, banquet management, revenue management, and digital marketing. The YoDigitalMarketer is the icing on the cake for Akeria’s solutions for the hospitality sector.

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potential customers. Right from Website Development, SEO, Paid Marketing to Social Media Marketing, Branding and Strategy, Yo Digital Marketer handholds clients from ideation to execution.

Akeria’s team, also known as Akerians, specialize to form four aspects or pillars for Akeria. The four pillars being technology – Driven towards integration, Innovation, Enterprise Account Management – Client servicing, Trainings etc, Quality & Compliance – mandates over SOP compliances, and Sales & Revenue Management – Driving across networks. “We focus on grooming responsible leaders and share all our experiences and expertise in ensuring their career graphs scale with the growth of the organisation”, says George Nathaniel MD & CEO, Akeria. We use licensed tools for all users who get complete access to technology and also invest on an educational platform that encourages knowledge and skill development and ensures all team members are up to date with the latest in relevant technology.

The Akerianson-board clients into the ‘VIRTUAL WORLD’ with a group of well experienced technocrats carrying expertise in Web Development, Software development and Mobile Applications, Data Science for Segmentation & Sentiment Analysis, and cybersurfers who are responsible for Digital Marketing. "Our mission is to be the world’s most loved technology platform that provides simple, connected and futuristic solutions to the hospitality industry. We aim to connect people with technology”, says Anand.

Akeria’s HMS product, Yorevere, is the answer to the escalating demand from hotels to have a potent platform that supports all the administration and management needs of the Hospitality Industry

Future For A Version 2.0 In Expertise
Prepared for future disruptions, Akeria aims on ‘The New, New’ Service expertise and Technological edge with Digital India. The launch of version 2.0 will offer effective synergy of the way technology can be driven by work force to enhance service values.

“Technology in Innovation & Expertise holds the key to the roadmap ahead. Partners engaging and networking with members of Team Akeria will value the structured process, knowledge exchange over business views and suggestions”, concludes George.