BOT Mantra: Adopting a Futuristic Approach towards RPA

CIO Vendor In today’s technological landscape, business process automation is a buzzword frequently used as organizations rethink the way their businesses function. The adoption of BPA trend is being fuelled by the need to deliver higher value to the customers, achieve promptness in service, attain employee-centricity, increase workforce productivity and directly impact business metrics. Therefore, Digital Transformation has now become the need of the hour as BPA is the first step taken in the direction of continuous transformation. The first step towards this would be organizations automating laborious processes and so the RPA Industry is witnessing a dramatic increase in the Automation adoption rate in the last few years. While the stage is set for exponential growth, with the onset of the Covid-19 virus further propelling this growth, it is important to address the challenges encountered which are lack of knowledge, unstructured business processes and high cost of adoption.

Effectively addressing these challenges and ensuring customer satisfaction is Bangalore headquartered BOT Mantra, a Boutique Technology Services Firm focusing on Robotic Process Automation Technologies. “We have established a separate focused group under Automation centre of excellence to master the ever-evolving Technology, creating reusable assets, strengthening the delivery process, and enabling high competency Automation teams. Our COE based delivery engine is helping our clients to accelerate their Automation journey with high efficiency,” reveals Nishant Goel, Founder and CEO, BOT Mantra. The company envisions making RPA viable for everyone and as such extends its subscription based shared services and cluster based packaged services model.

Offering a Portfolio of Products, Solutions and Services
The company’s services are predominantly classified into three categories; Consulting which focuses on setting up the automation COE, Implementation, and Products. “We conduct Design workshops and work with our Clients to discover Automation opportunities. We strongly believe
in designing RPA solutions the IT framework way. I believe, solution designing is our biggest differentiating factor recognized by most of our clientele,” informs Nishant. Significantly contributing towards this domain, BOT Mantra has taken the initiative of transforming young Professionals into true RPA consultants, ready to be deployed on live projects.

As part of the Product stream, the company focuses on identifying Industry gaps and works on cost effective solutions. ‘RPA Code Insight’ is one such solution where Insights from various RPA product scripts are auto generated to have Robust, Reliable and Standard BOT. Enthused over the positive outcomes achieved, the team of experts at BOT Mantra are currently working on another initiative, ‘BOT Raven’ which is an RPA enabled communication management solution.

The company’s services are predominantly classified into three categories; Consulting which focuses on setting up the automation COE, Implementation, and Products

In conjunction with this, the team has also developed python based custom solutions to deal with data extraction. “Our focussed approach towards identifying common gaps in Industry standard RPA Products and building a set of Automation Accelerators using Python Technology, has significantly enabled us to automate complex processes with ease,” adds Nishant.

Having forged business partnership with, Automation Anywhere, Uipath and Softomotive, BOT Mantra is now gearing up towards building strong capabilities on Microsoft Power platform that will further help achieve a rapid and low cost delivery. Nishant concludes, “We are slowly moving toward commoditized, shared Automation services. The journey has already commenced with multiple providers for US Healthcare services and many other areas are currently being explored.”