Botmatic Solution: Seamlessly Achieving Finance & Accounts Automation Initiatives

CIO Vendor Over the years, Robotic Process Automation has been playing an emerging role in automating manual mundane processes while simultaneously improving efficiency and accuracy. Complete automation is the need of the hour. The onset of the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic has catapulted this market to new heights. This market is now witnessing a surge in automation implementation requests. Businesses have identified processes in their front-desk operations as well back-end operation which can be automated to increase efficiency and reduce cost. AI/ML technologies with RPA form a powerful combination if utilised to its full potential, in this scenario. Businesses are on the lookout for IT consultant specialists with deep domain knowledge, strong technical skills and possess the ability to hit any curveball that comes its way. The finance industry is one such vast market that quite literally acts as poster companies for repetitive paper pushing, which requires such specialists.

Perfectly poised to cater to this domain is Pune headquartered Botmatic Solution with its innovative products and solutions. The solutions have been designed to save from 40 to 80 percent accounting & finance processes cost and provide high ROI. It provides complete automation solutions to most of finance & compliance processes. “Some of our key offerings include invoice processing automation, expense management automation, account payable process automation and treasury automation. Additionally, we offer finance helpdesk automation solutions,” informs Mallarswami (Mallar) Nonvinkere Co-founder, MD and CTO of Botmatic Solution.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
The company follows a unique problem-solving approach wherein the
team of experts at Botmatic look at simplifying, standardizing and automating the processes based on merit, complexity and business value. Once the client is onboard, an independent assessment of the business processes is carried out and an assessment report is furnished to the client to assist in validating the selection criteria applied by them for processes chosen for automation. “Automation is not a one size fits all solution and therefore needs to be applied wisely to the right set of processes,” adds Mallar.

In conjunction with this, Botmatic offers an expense management system product, Vyay, that displays a holistic view of the spend behaviour to the finance team. The featurerich offering has been developed with an on-the go claim/approval feature in tandem with one click submissions. This helps make it easier for employees to claim their expenses as they incur in real-time from anywhere. This product has received an excellent response from Retail, Manufacturing, pharmaceutical and BFSI sectors.

The team has deep understanding of finance and accounting processes backed by technology

Botmatic enjoys the market position it commands today and attributes part of its success to its team that acts as a pillar of strength. “The team has deep understanding of finance and accounting processes backed by technology team that has hands on experience of setting up CoE for automation solutions,” says Mallar.

Gaining a strong foothold in this sector, the company now envisions expanding their operations across the globe and is working on recruiting partners for the same. Botmatic has already signed up with couple of partners in Europe and USA and expect to onboard couple more from the AP region over a span of six months.