CMS IT Services: Illustrated Value Creation with Latest Technologies in Play

CIO Vendor The use of robotics and automation systems is not alien to India. However, the gradual growth in its innovative approach is somewhat of a novel. Speaking about the adoption trends and challenges, Anuj Vaid, EVP, CMS IT Services says, “The leaders will see this as an opportunity to rapidly enhance efficiencies and create differentiation. The followers, as always, will eventually use this technology to catch up. The adoption speed will most likely grow the gap between the leaders and followers. There is immense scope. However, the biggest challenges are – Change Management, Use Case Understanding and ROI Analytics for each use-case as well as the overall program.”

Adding to this Milan Sheth, EVP-IMEA, Automation Anywhere says, “Building business resiliency and offering enterprise scalability through a robust Digital transformation network has become the need of the hour. AI led Intelligent Automation helps in seamless integration of front and back end applications thus aiding in seamless customer delivery. Automation reinforces trust, security, and compliance as customers, employees and partners continue to engage digitally with enterprises”.

CMS IT’s Functional & Technical Expertise in Process Automation
Headquartered in Bengaluru, CMS IT Services is an industry leader in Managed IT services and system integration that has an integrated portfolio of solutions combining the power of cutting-edge technology in Automation, Cloud, Cybersecurity & Digital. CMS IT Services’ primarily focuses on verticals like Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecom & Media, Healthcare and Life sciences. In each of these verticals, the firm delivers differentiated capabilities to customers, in the form of Anywhere-to-Anywhere Support, BOT Platforms, Integrated Automation Solutions, Centre of Excellence for each vertical, etc.

Particularly, CMS IT Services has the reputation for best-in-class capability owing to its deep functional and technical expertise with the Automation Anywhere solution, a global leader in the RPA domain. More so, CMS IT has invested in a Center of Excellence revolving around Automation Anywhere Intelligent Automation technologies. The COE is focussed on functional and technical excellence in Process automation which is market centric to the Indian context.

The COE drives themes such as Digital Excellence in Finance, Digital Excellence in Procurement, Human Resources using Intelligent Automation, and Operational excellence with a digital workforce. One of COE’s objectives is to keep CMS IT’s workforce digital ready. Therefore, over 50 automation professionals are already certified, of whom 35 are master certified. The COE is vested in delivering functional results along
with the technological outcome and to that end engineers are put on functional streams. For this endeavor, CMS IT has been recognized for “Excellence in Business Process Automation – India” as part of Automation Anywhere’s prestigious IMEA Partner Awards 2020.

CMS IT Services is known as an aggressive company with strong delivery abilities giving a serious competition to larger players. The India-focus, differentiated solutions, delivery reach, ability to deliver complex projects are some of the key elements that set CMS IT apart from the competition. In the likeliness of similar solutions, CMS IT differentiates itself by applying the latest technologies to transform, understand customer use-cases in depth, and personalize the offering for clear measurable value for the customers. CMS IT’s Robotic Process Automation team has more than 50 Certified RPA Consultants working in cohesion with functional experts in Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Operations and IT from the Centres of Excellence. In one of its client ventures, CMS IT’s procure-to-pay RPA-led automation program improved compliance, processing time, user and employee satisfaction for a large client organization manufacturing defense and military equipment.

“We are building an exciting Intelligent Automation Business leveraging deep technology and domain expertise. By working across RPA, Conversational bots and Cognitive tools we are able to give the customer a complete technology solution of best-in-class products and services. One of our key differentiators is our deep domain expertise across business areas of Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources and IT. A successful digital transformation program can be orchestrated only by a team that excels in both domain and technology”, says Sunil Menon, Practice Head – Digital Services, CMS IT Services.

CMS IT has invested in a Center of Excellence revolving around Automation Anywhere Intelligent Automation technologies

CMS IT Services is currently delivering projects for over 300 marquee customers and in a typical year is adding approximately 50 new client logos. In the years to come, CMS IT is set on the trajectory to formulate a growing set of customers use the transformative services from its portfolio.