FourNxt: Design and Built Intelligent Bots to Augment Human Workforce

CIO Vendor The Covid19 pandemic was an eye opener for companies worldwide, and has proved that resilience is vital for survival. One of the fastest ways for companies to build such resilience is through digital transformation investments, of which the fastest growing trend of late has been Intelligent Automation. Automation of operational activities through RPA and AI enables companies to pick up almost instantaneously after an incident/disruption. As Intelligent Automation becomes one of the most exciting opportunities in 2020, FourNxt helps businesses turn complex challenges into customer-centric opportunities by leveraging technology, consulting, and sustainable innovation in this space. The company believes, the technologies that encompass the fourth industrial revolution will bring profound changes to people’s lives and the way they do business.

"FourNxt is a turnkey solutions provider, integrating different aspects of intelligent automation such as RPA, OCR, AI, Analytics, BPM, Blockchain, IoT, CyberSec etc. Some of our clients have already started to accelerate their existing RPA practice and hyper-automate using these augmenting technologies. Some clients, on the other hand, would want to put the right cogs in place for a centre of excellence. FourNxt provides services in all these areas with proprietary frameworks and approaches to support all of these requirements. We are well equipped to service large and small clients across the Globe", says Karthik Pillai, Co-Founder & CEO, FourNxt.

Turnkey Automation Development and Managed Services
"We are always at the cutting edge in terms of utilizing the best of breed technologies to provide intelligent automation services to our customers. Our expertise is not limited to one category of automation tools or one
platform. Today's intelligent automation solution need in depth knowledge and experience in utilizing multiple technologies such as Intelligent Character Recognition, Intelligent Conversational bots or Voice Assistants, Process Analytics and API blended approach to Robotic Process automation", added Karthik. FourNxt helps their customers to identify the most impactful business areas to automate and then take a holistic approach to automation by envisioning the end to end processes in their future state. The company also builds human in the loop approach for complex scenarios where decision making requires human intuition. And, clients in turn have gained tremendous benefits through the sheer speed and cognitive capability of intelligent bots and even utilizes social support for tricky situations.

Furthermore, FourNxt has a robust delivery model for managed services. Over the years, FourNxt's customers have trusted them to manage their automation delivery, support, and maintenance, and the outcome of this is the managed COE services offering. As the customers go hands-free on the automation program while engaging with FourNxt, the company now supports them throughout the automation lifecycle, from setting up their COE, managing the demand pipeline, driving implementation, and benefit realization. Additionally, the firm's proprietary CoE and governance frameworks assists customers in focusing on the strategy, which is co-developed with FourNxt consulting, with the delivery team taking care of the tactical day to day operations.

Since its inception in 2017, the FourNxt approach has always been solution-oriented, and outcomes are achieved through a tried and tested framework driven approach. The founders come from a Big 4 consulting background and this consulting mindset ingrained across the organization has been instrumental to the success of FourNxt. So far, customers have always been happy to scale their automation journey with FourNxt. The company is also working on some niche projects involving conversational bots, process analytics, and AI solutions. FourNxt’s expansion plans include strengthening capability in other high impacts technology domains such as Analytics, AI, and cybersecurity, along with expanding their Global reach.