Machint Solutions: Digitization through Bespoke Intelligent Automation Solutions

CIO Vendor While digital transformation remains an objective for many businesses, finding the right transformation partner makes it far more difficult for the firm. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Machint Solutions is a software services and consulting company with specialization in the space of Intelligent Automation offering a myriad of technology solutions for organizations working towards digital transformation across the globe.

Rajesh Sanakkayala launched his entrepreneurial ambition with a mission to make technology an invaluable asset with the Centre of Excellence (CoE) approach. He launched Machint Solutions in 2018 when he realized a significant gap in availability of efficient advisory services and product development to cater to the demand for process management and automation solutions in the market. This came as a welcome opportunity perfectly aligning with his passion to build expertise in a brand-new niche technology. Rajesh has handled various roles in the technology delivery and management since 2003. He ran the automation center of excellence at Vietnam Bank and was responsible for BPM and RPA implementations.

In a span of 2 years since its inception in 2018, Machint Solutions has claimed a leadership role in digital transformation industry with multiplatform capability. Machint Solutions specializes in Intelligent Automation providing a range of technology services to drive businesses into the disruptive age of digitization. Machint is a visionary leader in the implementation of digital transformation and believes in combining the power of Process Excellence with cutting-edge technologies of Cognitive Automation, Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivering innovation and business value for its clients.

Machint Solutions is a trusted partner that delivers intelligent process automation solutions defining and inducing digital transformation of business processes. Machint’s Intelligent Solution-based products include
an ‘Intelligent Data Migration tool (MData)’, ‘Intelligent Lead & Sales Automation (MKing)’, ‘Intelligent Video KYC with OCR & FR features (MKYC)’, ‘Intelligent Test Automation Framework (MITA)’, ‘Intelligent OCR with AI & ML (MOCR)’, ‘Intelligent Tele Medicine Tool (MDoctor)’, ‘Intelligent Health Kit (MHealth)’, ‘Intelligent Case Management Platform (MICA)’, ‘IoT Based Smart Applications for Waste Management & Asset Tracking (MSmart)’, ‘AIbased Chatbot (MChat)’, ‘Intelligent Facial Recognition platform (MFace)’, and ‘Intelligent Content & Data Management tool (MDocs)’.

Comprehensive Products
Machint Solutions has a total of 6 global offices across India (2), the UK, Singapore, Australia and the US. The firm’s clientele features 20 industry leaders from varied sectors such as BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Public Sector across 4 continents.

Some of the key customers include EY, Deloitte, Mercedes Benz, FE Credit, Tech Mahindra, CWT, Rainbow and galaxE.Solutions. Machint, with a headcount of over 150 resources, supports its 20+ customers, partnering with Top BPM products – PEGA & Appian - and RPA products – Blue Prism & Automation Anywhere. Fascinatingly, all these achievements were secured by Machint in a remarkably short span of 2 years. This was made possible by the leadership figures of Machint. The company’s top management alone contributes to more than 100+ years of experience in RPA and BPM implementation, and IT services. “Our band of RPA experts comprises 15+ Process Architects and Developers certified with Automation Anywhere and Blueprism”, Rajesh said talking about his force of techies.

Speaking on Machint’s future endeavors and approach, Rajesh says “We constantly focus on innovating with a principle that simple is better than complex. We believe that we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the solutions that we build, and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution. We pick and choose projects that are truly important and meaningful to us rather than taking on thousands of them and executing them for quantity than value to customers. We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our products, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot.” With this, Machint is aiming to carve out a brand for Machint in the space of BPM, RPA, AI & ML, while building an employee-centric firm at its core.