Mindmap Digital (Part of the MindMap Consulting Group): Helping Organizations Become RPA Ready at an Economical Cost

CIO Vendor The rate of RPA adoption is increasing across every industry vertical. RPA, leveraged during digital transformation, offers several distinctive advantages to businesses. It is equipped with the ability to pay for itself once successfully deployed. However, typical RPA implementation lifecycles for mid size projects range from between four to six months and will reap the benefits only post this. And this too can prove to be costly as most off-the-shelf RPA solutions which may or may not work come with an upfront CapEx investment. In fact, a successful RPA program can only be achieved by adhering to a few parameters such as ROI, technical complexity, high volume, type of robot (front/back office) and so on. All this can prove to be an arduous task that mandates partnering with the right solution provider that can meet all these requirements.

Carving a niche for itself in this segment is India headquartered Mindmap Digital with its domain first, technology second philosophy. The company, which is a part of the MindMap Consulting group of companies, with its team of experts extends its highly customizable Zero cost RPA implementation model where clients have the ability to pay a subscription fee to the automation suite once developed. “Our rich heritage of process experts and a team which has designed and led processes across F&A, Healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Telecom and so on for Fortune 500 organizations globally lead the RPA initiative to ensure we have a robust solution design,” informs Saurabh Goenka, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindmap Digital.

Assuring Short Implementation Lifecycles
Having conducted a market study on how most RPA projects do not see the
light of day due to wrong identification of a process which either cannot be automated or if automated would not yield the right ROI, Mindmap introduced its copyrighted ROQS framework. This unique framework is equipped with the ability to analyze processes and recommend to organizations out of their broad landscape – which processes can be automated profitably and if done what benefits would it yield. “We lay this out and build an organization specific roadmap for multiple implementations which translates into a CoE as it scales up,” adds Susheel Saboo, Co-Founder and Group CEO at MindMap Consulting. Additionally, the team leverages its pre-created accelerators and solution integrators that reduce the timeline for discovery, implementation and go live to an average of not more than 12 weeks. “We’re a full service RPA solutions provider and help organizations in every stage of digital transformation. Right from enabling the workforce to think and apply digital, to consulting them in identifying opportunities and creating a digital transformation blueprint to putting the solution in action,” says Saurabh.

We’re a full service RPA solutions provider and help organizations in every stage of digital transformation

Ensuring superior levels of business value, the teams at Mindmap Consulting and MindMap Digital are gearing up for the future. The company is working on engineering an online platform for digital skilling. This would enable the learner to gain access to multiple types of self-paced customizable training programs on all digital technologies. “We plan to offer this at nominal cost to learners to align with our vision of enhancing careers and building a pipeline of digital ready resources which India and the rest of the world needs right now,” reveals Susheel. Additionally, the team is working on developing a couple of proprietary automation solutions targeted at assisting the Chartered Accountants community and businesses who want to automate their financial and tax compliance.