Quale Infotech: Empower Organizations To Be AI And RPA Driven Enterprises

CIO Vendor The technology moves forward at a fast pace due to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the digital world. Automation and RPA are not a new technology in India; however, the pace of adoption and growth can be termed as revolutionary in the last few years. Even in the next year, the industries will see some drastic changes with the involvement of the RPA. As to stay strong in the competition, the companies are seeking help from the RPA vendors.

Quale Infotech is one of the leading end-to-end consulting and implementation company with a laser focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the technological know-how, industry insights, experience, and proprietary methodologies on knowledge management, it ensures business continuity and zero downtime. Quale's vision is to empower organizations to be AI-driven enterprises and build personalized user experiences to engage their customers.

"Quale Infotech approaches work by applying its external knowledge and proprietary methodologies to its customer's internal way of doing work. We know that the success of a project is dependent on the right tool and methodology that matches with our client's way of doing work. We have built our frameworks and adapted them over multiple engagements keeping the ever-changing environment in mind", explains Siddhartha Singh, CEO, Quale Infotech. For helping organizations meeting digital requirements, Quale implemented digital transformation by experienced practitioners in global enterprises. Siddhartha adds, “We built a culture of innovation and trust and keep the Quale family together by following #QualePanti, which is all about the well-being and collaboration between all of us and our communities", added Siddhartha.

Services And Products Based On RPA And AI
Quale is positioned as a comprehensive product and solution driven company in the Automation and AI space. The idea is to enable the customers to adopt intelligent automation seamlessly, and Quale being the one-stop-shop to do so. One such product is Alwozo, an Intelligent Process Automation platform designed & developed by RPA experts. With built-in AI and deep-learning capabilities, AIwozo can achieve a higher degree of automation that is not feasible using just RPA, with minimal or no technical support. The product has three key components. First, the AIwozo Studio is a dynamic tool that helps develop bots within a short period due to its drag-and-drop capability. It contains prebuilt activities, is user-friendly, and has cognitive abilities using AI/ML. Secondly, the AIwozo Workzone acts as a centralized control mechanism for all the components in the platform. It provides reporting and monitoring capabilities, and an interface for starting, stopping, adding, fixing
issues, and prioritizing the bots. Lastly, the AIwozo Bot is installed on the target system to execute the automation workflow. It executes the workflows that are designed in AIwozo Studio and managed by the AIwozo Workzone.

Furthermore, Quale has launched an online Academy. It's a free certification that facilitates the enhancement of RPA skills, increases efficiency in creating software robots, and develops a deeper understanding of deploying intelligent automation processes with AIwozo. The goal is to grow the academy and make it accessible not just within the RPA & AI community, but also to offer various basic to advanced level technical courses. This will significantly help not only students who wish to start their career in RPA, but also experienced developers to enhance their skillset further. Additionally, the company has also developed the AIwozo Forum, which aims to bring together & grow the community to share their reviews and experience not just around the AIwozo platform but also about RPA, AI, and digital transformation general.

Quale Infotech is one of the leading end-to-end consulting and implementation company with a laser focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence

Case Study
With such efficient services and products, Quale has successfully built a clientele across different industries such as telecom, banking, travel, etc. One such client was from a leading retail company. The critical problem was invoice processing, and the variability of the formats makes this task tedious and repetitive. Quale used data extraction to retrieve data from the invoices. This digital data was used to train the AI model and accuracy keeps improving over time. Once extracted data is verified, it is then handed over to RPA bot to enter into their ERP software and process the invoice. The client achieved 99.5 percent accuracy in invoice processing and 78 percent straight-through processing.

Future Aspects
Quale will continue to focus on AIwozo and will intend to enhance AIwozo to become a Hyperautomation platform that will help enterprises automate end-to-end processes. In line with the vision, Quale is already working on a process discovery tool that will help enterprises identify processes to be automated. The company is also building an intelligent BPM platform to help integrate seamlessly the processes identified for automation. "The future focus would be to create more industry-specific solutions to make it easier for our customers to adopt digital technologies. Some of these like holistic reconciliation solution and a GST solution would be built inhouse while others might be through acquisitions and partnerships", concluded Siddhartha.