STEP One Step ahead: Delivering RPA-as-a-Service Using Unique Solution-based Approach

CIO Vendor The global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market is anticipated to reach USD 25.66 Billion by 2027. The major factors fuelling the growth of this market include the organizations’ need to automate structured, repetitive processes to focus on core business activities and reduce operation time and effort owing to the enormous data generated by businesses every day in the enterprise systems. In this environment of data clutter, RPA helps in automation of various day-today operational activities. Therefore, to overcome these challenges RPA vendors are focusing on developing best-in-class intelligent process automation bots.

RPA not only helps in streamlining and automating time-consuming, high-volume, and repetitive activities, but it also enables companies who undertake RPA journey to build a competitive edge. Therefore, clients look for RPA providers who would not only help them in this journey but also understand the client’s domain and business process help them in case of process optimization and process automation within the given time frame and provide support even after the implementation phase.

Perfectly understanding the aforementioned requirements, Mumbai based Step one step ahead offers RPA as a Service with its Robotic spectrum comprising of Robotic Process Automation, Robotics Application Monitoring, Bot Auditing, Robotics COE Setup, Robotic Test Automation & Ready to use BOT store. STEP uses design thinking principles for client deliveries and implements unique solution based approach, with a focus on how to solve clients’ pain areas.

“Our goal is to help our clients obtain adequate ROI therefore we go by following our unique methodologies and delivery approach. We mainly focus on the agility to provide the client with faster output,” affirms Swati Gaonkar, Founder of STEP.
STEP one step ahead believes in collaboration rather than competition. With its array of products for RPA dashboards and MIS creations, RPA BOT store, Robotics Monitoring and Robotics Test Management team, the company also offers 24X7 support to clients, through its support team.

Core Values & Success Mantra
Core values are qualities that are not just worthwhile, but they also represent an organization’s highest priorities, deeply held beliefs and the core fundamental driving forces. STEP measures its success through its client’s impact. The company delivers what it promises, leading to long-term relationships. Not just that, STEP is consistent in delivering each product and services on time, every time. STEP embraces a fair, transparent and ethical integrity environment and follows open & honest communication from Upward to downward level.

STEP embraces a fair, transparent and ethical integrity environment and follows open & honest communication from Upward to downward level

“Believe in your team. Make a pyramid of the core team and create the Nav-Ratnas of the team. Always surround yourself with people who believe in you and your dreams. This is our success mantra,” says Swati.

“Our current projects are based on different robotics spectrum and we deliver 100 percent automation accuracy, more than 70 percent increase in TAT with 95 percent of improved Data Maintenance and 85 percent of improvement in Productivity. We are currently working on projects for our clients present in the India, European and USA markets,” concludes Swati.

STEP offers free Proof of Concept on Robotic Process Automation, Robotic Application Monitoring, and Robotic Test Automation.